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Team Member Spotlight: Aaron, Bake and Jess

Team Member Spotlight: Aaron, Bake and Jess

Friday, January 13, 2023

We want to start the New Year by re-introducing some old faces. Our management team at Move consists of three very dedicated and driven people. Aaron Gutjahr, Bake McBride and Jessica Varner have a combined 50+ years of experience in the fitness industry, with a training focus and interests in multiple areas including physique changes, injury prevention, correction to sport specific training/athletics and more. Here’s a little more about them and what they have to say about their personal training philosophy.

Aaron Gutjahr (right) has been the manager of Move since 2018 and an exercise physiologist for 10+ years. Aaron bases his training philosophy off the idea that “You don’t train people according to their age or experience; you train people based on current and future capabilities.” As a long-time exercise physiologist, Aaron not only coaches but leads and mentors with this same philosophy. Outside of Move, Aaron can be found on a golf course either playing or giving lessons about 200 out of 365 days per year. If he’s not on the course, Aaron is likely hanging around his smoker and, in the kitchen with his wife, preparing delicious meals, desserts and drinks for friends and family. The other 5% of his time is likely split between wrestling matches with his Great Dane, George, or in classic ‘80s kid style, playing video games.

Bake McBride (left) has been assistant manager at Move by BJC since 2018 and is the director and coordinator of our group exercise program. With many years of presenting, coaching and mentoring group fitness instructors, Bake’s expertise and dedication has helped develop a team of nearly 20 instructors at Move. As a former athlete, Bake brings an additional level of experience and ability to create an atmosphere of team/group accountability and community to his class participants and training clients. Bake’s biggest and most proud title, however, is “Dad.” Outside of Move, you’ll likely find him at a sporting event or training session supporting and helping the next generation of McBrides.

Jess Varner (center) is the newest member of our management team, stepping into an assistant manager role in June of 2022. But Jess but is not new to Move. Starting as an intern in 2016 and moving through the ranks, Jess has grown with the facility in many ways. She has experience on the field as a former collegiate athlete, as well as the sidelines with a degree in athletic training and plenty of experience rehabbing injuries. Her philosophy focuses on preventing injury, correcting movement, and building strength to maintain longevity in the gym and life. When asked about the impact that exercise and movement have on our daily lives, she says, “Using exercise to prevent injury and chronic illness is a key component of overall health. There is always something we can do to move a little more each day.” Jess’s interests and hobbies can be summed up quickly: dogs, traveling and sports -- but the best is when they’re all combined on the patio of a local pub.

As a management team, Aaron, Bake and Jess would like to say THANK YOU to our team and our members for a great 2022. We look forward to the changes and challenges that 2023 will bring!