The experience at Move by BJC

The Move by BJC Experience

Personal training at Move by BJC

At Move by BJC our team of degreed and certified fitness professionals takes an evidence-based approach to developing your individualized training program. We create fun and specific routines based on fitness research that help you reach your health, fitness, and performance goals. 

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Massage therapy at Move by BJC

Massage therapy can help you Move Easier.

Our nationally-certified, state-licensed massage therapists have many years of experience in Swedish, therapeutic, and sports massage, and some also specialize in deep tissue, prenatal, trigger point, or reflexology. All massages are tailored to your physical condition and your goals, and support your fitness program.

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At move by BJC we offer small group training programs led by our expert fitness staff. We have programs to fit your personal fitness level and goals.

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Mind & Body at Move by BJC

The Mind & Body Program at Move by BJC offers simple, unintimidating and rewarding classes and programs to help you reach your goals.

Whether your goals are physical - increase strength and flexibility, stability and balance - or internal - reduce stress, sync your mind and body and increase mental clarity, we have offerings for you.

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Group Exercise at Move by BJC

Group exercise can be an exciting way to achieve your fitness goals in a supportive setting where you can build camaraderie with others. 

We offer standard classes like Spinning and Zumba as well as more innovative classes based in exercise research that challenge you physically and mentally.

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Les Mills virtual classes at Move by BJC

Just like our classes with live instructors LES MILLS™ virtual classes are exciting, cinematic-quality versions of the classes you already enjoy, led by some of the world’s best instructors. Our virtual class program provides you more opportunities to take the same classes but with times that better meet your schedule.

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