Corporate Wellness 

Take the initiative to invest in the morale and health of your employees. As a partner for many local wellness programs, we show our support by offering discounted memberships and programs to fit each company's needs and goals.

Why Become A Corporate Partner?

Lower Health Costs – Companies with an employee wellness program experience slower increases in health costs than those without a program. Employees see meaningful reductions in chronic disease risk factors; producing a return on investment equal to a range of approximately $2 to $4 saved per dollar spent on the program.

Increased Production and Reduced Absenteeism  Research shows a link between physical activity and cognitive benefits like memory and focus. One study found employees who participated in a health promotion program and improved their health care or lifestyle regained an average of 10.3 hours in additional productivity annually and saved their companies an average of $353 per person per year in productivity costs compared to non-participants.

Evidence also indicates that instituting workplace health programs can reduce the average sick leave, health plan, and workers’ compensation and disability insurance costs by approximately 25 percent.

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