Personal training at Move by BJC

Personal Training

At Move by BJC our team of degreed and certified fitness professionals takes an evidence-based approach to developing your individualized training program. We create fun and specific routines based on fitness research that help you reach your health, fitness, and performance goals. 

Our Perspective

Maximum human performance is unique to each person and the only way to achieve it is with a plan. This plan is based on knowing the latest research and employing the best knowledge of how the body works. And every member should know what we know.

Our Promise

We are always learning. We will use the latest methods, backed by science and medicine, to get you the best results. No matter what you want to achieve we will work to create a unique plan to get you there. 

Whatever your goal, our team of experienced and certified personal trainers can help you meet and exceed your objectives by following a Four-Step process that will allow us to design the perfect exercise program for you.


Regular Personal Training (45 minute to 1 hour sessions) Member Non-member
Single Session $75 $85
5 Session Package $325 ($65/visit) $385 ($77/visit)
10 Session Package $600 ($60/visit) $715 ($71.50/visit)
20 Session Package $1,100 ($55/visit) $1,320 ($66/visit)