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Mind & Body

The Mind & Body Program at Move by BJC offers simple, unintimidating and rewarding classes and programs to help you reach your goals. Whether your goals are physical - increase strength and flexibility, stability and balance - or internal - reduce stress, sync your mind and body and increase mental clarity, we have offerings for YOU.

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Classes designed to fit every fitness level, our instructors provide an authentic yoga experience while fostering a non-judgmental, non-competitive and supportive community environment.

Technique Focused Yoga

Discover ways to personalize your practice. A slow, technique focused class that spends time on poses to provide variations for every body and every level of fitness.

Chair Yoga

This style of yoga benefits anyone who prefers using a chair for sitting and to assist with stabilizing the body. Classes focus on senior movement needs and those who prefer not to kneel on the ground.

Chair Vinyasa

This fast paced, highly intense breath and movement based class utilizes a chair and other props to deepen flexibility and increase strength.

Yoga Flow

Easy-to-learn, this hatha-style class incorporates breath work, yoga poses, and meditation to create a practice focused on exercise and stress management.

Kripalu Yoga

Using breath work, yoga poses, meditation, and relaxation techniques students observe how well an action is serving them. Classes may be gentle or strenuous.


The pose sequence focuses on the marriage of breath and movement for a physically active practice. This class is tailored to all skill and fitness levels.


Partner yoga that is physically strenuous and fun, AcroYoga combines yoga and acrobatics for a challenging practice.

Power Vinyasa

A physically challenging practice designed to condition the whole body through syncing breath with deliberate, engaged movement.

Buti Yoga

Fuses functional day-to-day movement with dance and yoga poses to work-out all major muscle groups.

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is for active minds who seek deep relaxation and wish to stay present in the moment. This completely passive practice focuses of keeping the body still while the mind remains focused.

Yin Yoga

A passive practice involving seated and floor poses held for longer amounts of time to access deeper layers of fascia and relaxation.

Restorative Yoga

Incorporating props, blankets, bolsters and blocks to hold poses for long stretches of time allowing the muscles and mind to fully relax.

Tai Chi

A gentle practice rooted in martial arts shown to have a positive effect on muscle strength, flexibility, and balance while improving circulation, alignment, and increasing energy.

Increasing your knowledge and breadth of experience through our vision of a more compassionate and connected world continues with our in-depth programming: including multi-week classes and trainings as well as empowering workshops with renowned instructors and educators. Our goal is to inspire and educate. Each program session and workshop is priced individually and based on demand. 

Black Light Yoga

A vinyasa-style class taught in a black-light room. Get ready to flow and jive to this fun, social experience.

Partner Yoga

Empower yourself through communication and movement. Make shapes and poses with at least one other person to deepen the stretch and double the fun.

Prenatal Yoga

For pregnant women through their third trimester, this class allows women to exercise to prepare their minds and bodies for the birthing process and beyond.

Postpartum Yoga

For Fourth Trimester mothers, this practice focuses on the human form to reconnect the mind and body after childbirth and overcome body-changing challenges.

1. Arrive on time. If you need to leave early, take a place near the door.

2. No shoes on the mats.

3. Cell phones must be on silent or vibrate.

4. Keep all personal items in the provided cubbies or in one of our lockers.

5. Be present in the moment and practice for you. This is not a competition.