Small Group Training at Move by BJC

Small Group Training

At move by BJC we offer small group training programs led by our expert fitness staff. We have programs to fit your personal fitness level and goals. Our 6 week, instructor-led programs are perfect for anyone looking for a fitness experience that falls between group exercise classes and traditional personal training. The programs are modeled to progressively build toward your goals in a small group setting of 3-5 trainees to ensure that your trainer is able to offer individual corrections and cues as needed as well as ensure the safety of trainees.

Upcoming Programs 

Back to Basics 

Learn the fundamentals of movement patterns, and resistance training to improve strength and make every day activities easier. Maximum 5 trainees


Improve your balance through a variety of strength, coordination, and training techniques to build stability and reduce your risk of injury during everyday activities. Maximum 5 trainees

Active Recovery

Learn the optimal way to incorporate recovery techniques to improve performance and bounce back into training quicker. Maximum 5 trainees

Strength Training : Endurance/Hypertrophy*

Study the differences in workout programming and nutrition habits that will improve your results and accelerate you through plateaus. Maximum 4 trainees


Learn how to incorporate an effective powerlifting program into your training to become a master of the squat, bench, and deadlift. Maximum 4 trainees

Olympic Lifting*

Acquire the fundamentals of the Clean and Jerk, Snatch, and their variations to improve power output. Maximum 3 trainees

*There is a prerequisite to participate in this program

Pricing for Six Week Programs


1 Session/Week 





2 Session/Week