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Monthly Move Challenge

Monday, February 5, 2024

Monthly Move Challenges

Last year, over 100 participants took on the Monthly Move Challenges. Each month, members and staff competed against one another and themselves. Individuals often completed these challenges multiple times, working to improve their performance. As we begin the new year, we encourage you to incorporate these challenges into your workouts.

These Challenges are posted around the facility and on social media. To participate, complete the Monthly Move Challenge and submit your entry in the box at the Central Station for recording. Don’t forget, you can participate multiple times each month to improve your performance.

Congratulations to our Challenge Winners

October – Dead Hang for Time – Alessandro L and Kayla K

November – Plank Challenge for Time – Denice L and Erica Y

December – Squat Challenge – Paul H and Dan C

Upcoming Challenges

February – 5-minute Bike Challenge for Distance

March – 1 mile Treadmill Run