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Resistance Training for Heart Health

Monday, May 6, 2024

When people think of improving their cardiovascular health, they typically only think about walking, running, biking and high-intensity training. While all those exercises have great benefits, many people do not know about the major benefits resistance training also has on your cardiovascular health.

Resistance training is when you exercise a muscle or muscle group against an external force, like body weight, free weights, resistance bands, etc. Resistance training not only builds strength and improves muscular endurance but also has lesser-known benefits, such as building flexibility and balance and weight management. Additionally, some of the most beneficial aspects are the cardiovascular response that occurs after engaging in resistance training, including a significant improvement in blood pressure, glycemia, heart efficiency and reduction of cardiovascular disease risk factors such as obesity, diabetes and cholesterol.

If you are considering adding resistance training to your routine, make sure to start slowly with one-to-two days of resistance training per week. Additionally, we recommend keeping track of how you feel after a workout, so you can rest when your body needs to. Also, be sure to contact a trainer or expert to help you with techniques or exercises you are unsure about. Finally, and most importantly, have fun!