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Ask the Exercise Specialist

Ask the Exercise Specialist

Thursday, December 06, 2018

At Move, we receive a lot of questions each month from members, clients, and followers on social media. On a monthly basis, a staff member will answer a new question. This month, Kyle Bauer, our lead strength and conditioning specialist, received an inquiry about powerlifting.

Move Member - How do I get into powerlifting?

Kyle Bauer - The first thing to do is to simply sign up! Don't wait until you feel like you are strong enough to compete or hesitate because you feel you are too weak. You will find that competing in these competitions will allow you to master your own technique, as well as learn from other successful lifters from all over the world. Competing will ultimately make you stronger, don't let the opportunity pass. A powerlifting meet consists of the squat, bench, and deadlift, so if you have been practicing those exercises, sign up!

Arriving at your first powerlifting meet may be an intimidating thought, but don’t give up! I first started powerlifting to test my strength. I needed something to motivate me as well as confirm that my lifts were legitimate. I started going to powerlifting meets several years ago, and I’ve been able to talk with other successful athletes and coaches about the best ways to improve my lifts. This has become a passion in my own training as well as an invaluable tool that I use for training my clients - powerlifters and otherwise. I want my clients to know that I am in the trenches with them too.

After checking out different federations and possible meets to attend I jumped into the first one because it was conveniently located for me and I didn’t want the opportunity of competing to pass. I find competing is a good way to sharpen my own skills as well as my work as a strength and conditioning coach. The meets force me to find ways to test my limits and push through strength plateaus; moreover, I enjoy the competitive atmosphere and athletes. I have made some great friends through competing and have a exciting time no matter what the outcome is.

In powerlifting, the real competition is between you and your mental focus; with each meet I come out wanting more.

If you want to push yourself to a new level physically and mentally, powerlifting may be the sport for you.