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5 Ways to Keep Your New Year’s Fitness Resolution

5 Ways to Keep Your New Year’s Fitness Resolution

Monday, December 31, 2018

By now you’re probably wrestling with those fitness resolutions you made a few weeks ago and whether or not you’re going to keep them. Rather than think of them as resolutions, have you thought about turning them into lifestyle changes? Challenge yourself this year to not make resolutions that you’ll forget about in a month or two, but to make lifestyle changes that you can carry throughout your life.

Here are a few tips on how I have created a lifestyle of fitness and healthy eating rather than fad diets, New Year’s resolutions and whatever else the internet is throwing at you this week.

  1. Ask a professional. Asking for help from an educated fitness professional can help you narrow down your goals and safely direct you toward new, healthier lifestyle habits.
  2. Find something that works for you. One of the first steps in changing your life for the better and becoming healthier is to figure out what works for you and why. Finding activities that you enjoy and healthy foods that taste great is the best place to start. Adhering to a new habit starts with enjoying the time and energy you put into that habit.
  3. Find an accountability partner I have a much easier time adhering to my workout routine and enjoying my workouts when I have someone with whom I can compete. Also, knowing that someone else is counting on me to help push them in the same way provides motivation.
  4. Set attainable goals. Setting small, attainable goals can help you stay focused on what you are working toward. Big changes will not occur over night and that can be frustrating. Focusing on smaller, consistent successes will help keep you motivated and you’ll appreciate the hard work more when you finally reach your ultimate goal.
  5. Plan and track your habits. Having a plan can make reaching your goals easier. Tracking your progress relative to the plan makes you accountable to what you want to achieve. For me, being able to see on paper where I started and compare past workouts to current ones is a huge help.

At Move by BJC we love what we do and we really like new friends. If you’re looking for a start to a healthier life this year, we’re here for you.

- Jessica Varner