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3 Benefits of Strength Training for Seniors

3 Benefits of Strength Training for Seniors

Friday, March 22, 2019

Exercise, especially strength training, is critical for seniors. There are many benefits to older adults of participating in a strength-training program. As a fitness specialist who works with older adults, I see on a daily basis the many benefits strength training has. I view the top three as overall health, muscular strength and balance and making daily activities easier.

1. Overall Health: Whether a person is trying to maintain or improve their health, it is important to exercise regularly. By participating in strength training a person can decrease their risk of developing a chronic disease such as diabetes, heart disease, arthritis or obesity. Also, lifting weights helps increase bone density.

2. Muscular Strength and Balance: I know from experience balance is a major concern for many seniors. Strength training programs not only help a person become stronger, but also help with balance and stability.

3. Daily Activities Become Easier: Many of the exercises I have my older clients do help make their daily activities easier to complete. For example, by teaching a client to properly do a box squat and recruit the right muscles, it might make it easier for them to get up from a chair.

I would recommend the following exercises for seniors to try either at home or at the gym. These are basic movements that will work the major muscle groups of the body.

  • Sit-to-stand (Squat)
  • Standing leg curl
  • Standing heel raises
  • Bent knee bridges and clam shells
  • Push-up on the wall
  • Rows with a resistant band

- Elizabeth Boswell