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Practicing Proper Gym Etiquette

Practicing Proper Gym Etiquette

Friday, April 05, 2019

1. Put Equipment Back. When you are finished using a piece of equipment, return it to its assigned area instead of leaving it sit on the floor. The same applies for dumbbells and plates. By putting equipment back, the gym floor will be less cluttered. At Move by BJC, there are designated areas for all the equipment, making it easy for members to find equipment and helping us to keep the gym organized.

2. Don’t Linger on Equipment. Let’s face it, we all have encountered someone just sitting on the equipment when you are wanting to use it. If you notice someone trying to use the same machine as you, be courteous and allow them to work in with you as you rest.

3. Wipe Off Machines. The last thing anyone wants to experience at the gym is working out on sweat covered machines. When you are finished using a piece of equipment or machine, be sure to wipe it down. This will also help prevent the spread of germs. Members at Move by BJC can find sanitary cleaning wipes throughout the gym.

4. Be Courteous. Make sure to respect other people’s space and do not play your music so loud that others can hear it. Not everyone wants to hear to the same thing you are listening to. Also do not take phone calls on the gym floor while you are working out. Most importantly, if you see someone struggling, feel free to offer your help. We’re all in this together. 

5. Clothing. Gym members need to make sure they are wearing the appropriate attire and footwear when coming to the gym. Recommended attire would be comfortable athletic apparel and closed toe athletic shoes. It is important not to wear baggy clothing or anything besides tennis shoes for safety reasons.

- Elizabeth Boswell