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What Sets Move Apart?

What Sets Move Apart?

Friday, April 26, 2019

BJC has had a fitness center on its main campus for over 20 years now. During that time, our brand has evolved significantly. “Move by BJC” isn’t just a new name for WellAware -- it represents a new outlook we share that exercise isn’t enough. Yes, incorporating physical activity into your day is a great way to positively impact your health, but research tells us we should be doing more for our members and clients. As Move’s general manager, I’m always looking for ways to grow our team’s expertise so we can become not just personal trainers but exercise, movement and performance specialists.

All of our staff members here at Move by BJC are required to have at least a bachelor’s degree in exercise science or related field, along with a personal training certification. Currently, six members of our fitness team also have a master’s degree in exercise physiology or exercise science.

This means that when you come to Move, you’re getting help from the most qualified and educated fitness staff in the region. You can be assured that our team is especially capable of helping you with your fitness mission, whether it be to improve general health, increase strength, stamina or power for sport, or using exercise as medicine for prevention and treatment of cardio-metabolic syndrome.

This is vital to our mission at Move – helping you move better is just as important as making you move more. In fact, it’s imperative.

- Aaron Gutjahr