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Achieving Better Balance

Friday, June 21, 2019

Incorporating balance training into your fitness routine is essential as you age. Good balance is important for many daily activities such as walking, carrying a backpack, stepping off a curb or using the stairs.

Balance training often includes exercises that strengthen your lower body and core and help keep you more upright and stable. By adding a few balance exercises to your workout, you can increase your body awareness and posture. You may also notice improvements in your coordination and reaction time, which reduces your fall risk.

Balance training can be done as often as you like and doesn’t have to be done at the gym. You can practice exercises at home, in your backyard or at the park.

Here are a few balance training exercises you can try:

  • Stand on one leg for 10 seconds. If you find this difficult at first, start by supporting yourself with both hands next to a wall or using a chair. Next, hold on with only one hand. Then move to just finger tips, and eventually with no support at all.
  • Walk heel to toe trying to stay in a straight line. Try looking straight ahead. Be sure to keep your chest up.
  • Use various foot positions while doing traditional standing exercises. Start with a shoulder-width stance, move to a staggered stance, and eventually a single leg stance.
  • Utilize various equipment around the gym such as the balance pads, BOSU (1/2 ball with circular platform) or balance/wobble boards.
  • Participate in a Yoga or Tai Chi class.

- Becky Klimaski