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Staying Active in Missouri this Summer

Staying Active in Missouri this Summer

Monday, July 01, 2019

Summer is well upon us and as the weather continues to warm up, it can be hard to find motivation to be inside at the gym. Outdoor activities such as biking, swimming, canoeing and hiking are great activities that stimulate the cardiovascular system and provide opportunities to change the scenery. For some, the daily grind of going to the gym can get monotonous and boring. Thankfully, Missouri offers a wide variety of outdoor recreation activities that can help you stay active this summer. Below you will find a list of recreation activities and their locations throughout Missouri so you can enjoy both fitness and nature together.

1. Hiking at Castlewood State Park.

2. Paddle boarding and canoeing at Creve Coeur Lake Park.

3. Paddle boarding, canoeing, and kayaking at Boathouse Forest Park.

4. Running, walking or biking the Forest Park.

5. Running, walking or biking Katy Trail (Saint Charles entrance).

6. Hiking at Elephant Rocks State Park.

7. Hiking and swimming at Johnson Shut-Ins State Park.

8. Hiking and biking at Babler State Park.

9. Hiking and biking at Queeny Park.

10. Hiking, paddle boarding, canoeing, swimming at Cuivre River State Park.

11. Hiking at Hawn State Park.

12. Hiking, swimming, and canoeing at Sam A. Baker State Park.

- Ramya Gruneisen