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Restore Yourself

Restore Yourself

Thursday, November 21, 2019

The holidays are now here and our minds and bodies are busy with our plans. This year, try to slow down and enjoy this special time with friends and family.

Massage is one of many things we can do to help restore ourselves to a calmer state of mind. It allows us to let our bodies relax so we can enjoy everything and everyone around us. Although the preparations are still necessary for many of us, once these things are done (or perhaps prior to doing them), we need to take care of ourselves as a gift to us. 

This will spill over to how we interact with others and our loved ones as well. Receiving the gift of massage can restore us, or reset us, to a state of mind ready to take on what comes next. We can take a deep breath and say, “Okay, I got this!”

We can help this state of relaxation by slowing down, breathing deeply and getting a massage to help our muscles return to their state of ease so that they can do their job without additional stress.

There is a method in massage that helps with this goal. The therapist holds the muscle tissues and muscle fascia and lets them get acclimated to that hold or position. Just as a muscle can shorten and tighten in a position that is not good for our body alignment and can cause stress to the rest of our body, holding the muscle tissues in a correct position can lengthen the muscles, causing a state of ease or relaxation. This mimics stretching, yet is different than when we stretch ourselves. As the therapist holds the muscle or muscle groups, there is a pause to allow the muscles to acclimate and reminders given to breathe. When we let go and allow someone else to assist, the body will allow for a further, more relaxed stretch.  

Remember to slow down and enjoy your holidays with friends and family. Best wishes to you and your loved ones from our family at Move by BJC.

- Debbie Jones