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Healthy @ Home: Self-Care Massage

Healthy @ Home: Self-Care Massage

Friday, April 03, 2020

Self-Care Massage at Home


Rhomboids and Traps - Use a tennis ball, golf ball, pet ball toy, or whatever you have on hand. You can try balls of different size and density for different areas.

  • Place the ball on a knot on your upper shoulder and press down firmly. Roll the ball while applying pressure if that feels good.
  • For the areas between your shoulder blades and spine, put the ball on those muscles as you lean against a wall or lie on the floor. Press your body weight against the ball until you feel moderate pressure. By moving your body against the ball, you can roll it over a knot or up and down the entire muscle area.

Hands and Forearms – A smaller ball works better here.

  • Place the ball between your fingers or between thumb and fingers while making a loose fist. Squeeze gently several times. Repeat between each finger on both hands.
  • Place the ball under the palm of your hand resting on a table. Using light to moderate pressure, roll ball under your palm. Then roll the ball straight under your arm from each fingertip to your forearm. Repeat with other hand and arm.
  • Place the ball under the base of your thumb resting on a table. Place your other hand on top and exert slow gentle pressure and release. Repeat several times. Then as you exert gentle pressure, circle your hands over the ball.

With any of these techniques, remember to breathe deeply and fully, releasing muscle tension as you exhale. If any of the pressure causes numbness or tingling, stop or move the ball, as you are pressing on a nerve.