The MOVE by BJC Blog

Back to Basics – Gym Etiquette

Wednesday, July 28, 2021

We are very happy to see more people at the gym each week! With all the new faces, we wanted to take a moment to touch on proper gym etiquette at Move so we can all have the best experience possible.

Respect the Shared Space. Please remember that this is a shared space. Be courteous to others, their time, the space available and the equipment you share.

Phone Usage. The gym is a great place to take a break and focus on your fitness and health without external distractions. Feel free to respond to a quick text, or take a quick phone call, but please be courteous of everyone around you and take longer conversations off the gym floor. Although it’s tempting to scroll through your phone during your rest period, we ask that you refrain from this while resting on a machine; there are likely others who are waiting to use that same equipment. Need some tips on how to fill up the time between sets? Just ask one of our fitness professionals.

Use Headphones or Earbuds. We all have our favorite music and podcasts that we love to listen to while working out -- just make sure you use headphones or earbuds while listening. If you happen to forget your headphones, do not play your personal media out loud in the gym.

Clean and Return Equipment. Wipe down any equipment you use to prevent microorganisms and viruses like ringworm, MRSA and the common cold from being passed around. No one wants to touch someone else’s sweat or have to wipe that sweat from a piece of equipment before they can use it. If you are finished with a set and you’ve cleaned the equipment, please return it to its home and re-rack your weights.

Use Equipment and Squat Racks Appropriately. We only have two squat racks and platforms. Some exercises should be done in the rack for safety reasons, such as back squats or rack pulls. Some exercises are best performed on the platforms, like deadlifts or Olympics lifts like cleans and snatches. Please be courteous of others needing to use the racks. If you can, share the platform and rack areas by squatting inside the rack to free up the platform for those looking to deadlift or perform Olympic lifts. If you have a workout partner, please limit your workout to one of our racks so that others may use our second rack.

Dropping Weights. We won’t set off the “Lunk Alarm,” but we do ask you to not drop equipment, including dumbbells, fixed barbells or EZ bars as this can eventually break the weight. On the other hand, most of our barbells, when used with bumper plates (not hexagonal plates) can be safely dropped while on our platforms, when necessary. This doesn’t mean you should drop the bar after each rep or from the top of your jerk; but if you need to, this is the equipment you should use on the platforms.

Personal Hygiene. For your health and the happiness of those around you, use deodorant and wash your clothing after each workout. If you choose to use the showers provided in our locker rooms, please keep our locker rooms tidy by placing your used towels in the provided towel bins across from the lockers. Skip perfumes and colognes before your workout - some people are allergic or sensitive to certain fragrances. In shared spaces such as the gym, this can be amplified. Finally, if you are sick, please stay home and rest.